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News Ticket prices for star-studded patriotic film stirring box office drama Thursday, Mar 30th, 2017 - 08:29PM
Millions are pouring into movie theaters to see Jianguo Daye or The Founding of a Republic, to show their patriotism or to see their favorite stars. However, many feel that the film company should make it more affordable, or even free, for students and other people to show their love for the country.
Tickets for the movie, which raked in 100 million yuan($15 million) in the first few days of showing, cost about 60 to 80 yuan each.

In addition, it reportedly cost the film company just 30 million yuan to produce, as most stars worked for free.

"Free screenings would enable people to show more love for their country," said Wang Can, a student at Beijing International Studies University. "Now that the movie promotes patriotism, so why doesn't China Film Group Corporation exempt tickets for young students?"

The Founding of a Republic, which features 170 stars including dozens of superstars, is expected to earn more than 450 million yuan at the box office. Stars such as Jet Li, Jackie Chan and Zhang Ziyi are in the movie that tells the story of creation of modern China.

In an online survey of 50,000 respondents, many say the priceless drama should indeed be priceless to see.

Some 90 percent said everyone should be allowed to see the movie for free, while 6 percent suggested that the price should be 10 yuan, according to the Dahe Daily in Henan Province.

Some suggested that at least students, laid-off workers and migrant workers should be able to see the movie for free.

"The price ranges between 60 yuan and 80 yuan and it reaches 100 yuan at some special sessions. I think it could be the highest ticket price in the domestic film market," a Shanghai moviegoer surnamed Wang told the Global Times yesterday.

"The public swarms to theaters to show their patriotism indirectly while the ticket price is too high to demonstrate its patriotic features," Wang added.
In Guangdong Province, the movie earned 15 million yuan in the first week and some theaters are filled to capacity, according to the film company.

Chaoyang Theater in Beijing provides discount vouchers to those who purchase tickets to the movie, which could be used for a 10-yuan discount to another movie.

Hong, who is with the public relations department at Guangdong Provincial Film Company, told the Global Times the company has arranged for some group discounts.

"Until now we couldn't give any discounts to the public," Hong said. "We at least set aside 10 sessions for groups every day."

The minimum price for groups was set at 35 yuan, but most charge about 40 to 50 yuan, depending on the size of the group and time of the show.
However, some regular price tickets in some theaters in Beijing sell for about 50 yuan.

Wang Can, the student, saw things differently.

"We cannot ignore the commercial qualities of Jianguo Da ye. In my opinion, if it couldn't be shown for free, the film company should provide discount tickets for the public. Besides, the price should be set around 20 yuan," Wang said.

Source:Global Times
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