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News JC funny performance for San Kwong Theater Thursday, Mar 30th, 2017 - 08:21PM
His lanhua finger posture and funny quipps tickled the spines of the audience and how JC injured his arm.

The  "Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Community Co-performance to help San Kwong Theatre" was held on the night of 24 October.  Jackie Chan with his injured right arm first performed with Liza Wong (汪明荃).  They sang a tune of  "The Love and Hate of Phoenix" (《凤阁恩仇未了情》).  Afterwards, he sang a duet in a woman's voice with Luo Jiaying (罗家英).  During the performance, JC occassionaly forgot the lyrics, but he saved the day with his witty patch-ups and funny performance.  The whole audience was laughing and clapping.  Chris Tucker, who came specially to support JC was one of the many enthusiastic supporters.

How he hurt himself

Talking about his right shoulder's injury, he said 'I bought two new dumb bells.  When I raised the bells and tried to avoid the TV set, I retracted my arm.  Once I retracted, my hand got twisted.  The doctor said that the right shoulder moved about 3 cm and told me not to carry heavy stuff.'

On the recent sensitive Golden Horse Award Ceremony, JC said that he is unsure whether he would be there.  "Maybe I would be shooting a new film at that time.  Since there is no nominating, just forget about it!  But , it is a pity that Everlasing Regret was not nominated.  Only way is to work harder next year. (Were your words the cause of this problem?) Golden Horse Award is very fair.  I have confidence in them.  I don't believe that they will do things in underhanded manners.  (Do you know that someone in TW has now changed and said they will welcome you?) Then, I thank him a lot."

Source: http://ent.163.com 2005-10-26 11:11:5

Translated by: Anthropy

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