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JC-News - A Jackie Chan news source
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The people behind JC-News Thursday, Mar 23rd, 2017 - 04:16PM
Name: Anthropy
E-mail: anthropy@jc-news.net
A little background on Anthropy:

Citizenship: dual nationality - worldtizen and netizen

Language: bilingual - Chinese and English (Presently learning French as a beginner)

Interest: movies, literatures, Geography and fencing

Why Jackie Chan: following interest

Quote from JC: "If you saw some of the NGs we didn't use at the end of the film, I think you'd cry. Lots of people got hurt, were bleeding got carried to the hospital etc. I wanted to show all these, but my boss said it was too much, so we cut it out." commenting on Police Story (courtesy of jackiechanmovie.com)

Anthropy has been a member since August 08, 2005

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