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Articles - Your Jackie Chan resource Thursday, Mar 23rd, 2017 - 04:20PM

Jackie Chan’s Word’s in India is of Some Indiscretion
JC being accused for speaking without thinking thoroughly before hand.

Submitted on December 01, 2005 » Read more..

Jackie Chan desrves to be called Dar Gor while Annita Mui was indeed professional
Perspectives from a HK tour guide.

Submitted on November 01, 2005 » Read more..

The My Hero Project - Sports Hero - Jackie Chan
By Geeta Malik

Submitted on October 28, 2005 » Read more..

Jackie Chan, Amy Tan and Publisher William Yukon Chang
An old article.

Submitted on October 27, 2005 » Read more..

After The Myth, JC still wants to make environmental documentaries
JC talked about The Myth, box-office, awards, his son and the future plans.

Submitted on October 16, 2005 » Read more..

JC, ST and Mallika Sherawat will be visiting Singapore Today
Includes a reveiw of The Myth by the writer of this article.

Submitted on September 11, 2005 » Read more..

More about Xavix
Xavix's long range goals, partly in partnership with Jackie Chan

Submitted on September 05, 2005 » Read more..

Star-studded racing affair and a short introductory to JC Charity Cup history
Short introduction to JCCCCR.

Submitted on September 03, 2005 » Read more..

JC was interviewed by Cultural Channel of Kedong TV
The contents are not new, but rather a collection of all JC's point's of view in the recent time.

Submitted on August 29, 2005 » Read more..

Selling his Beverly Hill villa, JC made 6 million SGD
JC's biggest housing profit so far.

Submitted on August 28, 2005 » Read more..

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