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CHAN ON A MISSION August 20, 2007
Hollwood Star Stunts Inactivity


Asia's ambassador of fitness, Jackie Chan, is winning the fight to make exercise fun for all ages and abilities.

Through his movies (the latest is Rush Hour 3), Chan proves the benefits of exercise.

Chan established a new martial arts genre by performing his own trademark death-defying, energetic stunt work.

His style mixed traditional northern Shaolin kung fu and acrobatics with comedic gestures inspired by silent film heroes Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton.

Wall vaulting, handstand push-ups, back-bending flips, full splits, leg sweeps, high kicks and one-legged toe presses combined with the plight of the everyday man made him a huge action star in Asia years before being introduced to North American audiences.

Films he produced, directed and starred in, such as Rumble in the Bronx and Shanghai Noon, demanded a high level of fitness.

Chan wants to help fans combat exercise boredom.

He partnered with a U.S.-based health club chain, 24-Hour Fitness, to open California Fitness Jackie Chan Sport in Asia.

His state-of the-art, mega-gym offers the latest in group exercise and cardio equipment like the innovative Cardio Wave and Xpress Zone, a 30-minute circuit training for beginners.

Chan personally directs the look and feel of the facilities which include large Jackie Chan murals and memorabilia as well as signature classes.

Exclusive to the chain is JC Boxercise, an 800-calorie clobbering instruction class set to music with added strength training and a calming tai chi conclusion. There are 20 clubs in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia. Chan intends to have 100 by 2015.

Fans around the world who aren't members of his gyms can master his moves in the comfort of their own home with a video game workout by XaviXport.

Entitled , the game is a fun, power-boxing workout.

Chan's on-screen movements, low impact aerobics and kickboxing train you before advancing onto harder exercises, including brawls with virtual villains on the streets of Japan.

In other games like Stuntmaster or Jackie Chan Adventures -- based on his animated TV series, fans sit around twiddling their thumbs, but this new game/workout is a full-body showdown. Fans embrace Chan's sincere enthusiasm, even if their moves resemble the gag reel at the end of his films.


In an interview with the International Health, Racquet and Sportclub Association, Chan explained why he's fighting for active lifestyles.

"Too many people aren't active enough today," said the Hollywood Walk of Famer and ambassador for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

"Most men and women aren't very health-conscious, and aren't fully aware of the importance of exercising.

"They think it's a lot of hard work, and can't imagine enjoying it. I want to show people just how great they can feel by working out, and how much fun they can have along the way."


Enter Chan's XGT Energy instant green tea flavoured beverage mixes.

These are popular with his male fan base and teens who want to quick energy.

The antioxidant mix, available in boxes or hand-size portable tubes at most health food stores, have zero sugar, zero calories and are enriched with ginseng, plus B and C vitamins.

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