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Articles Jackie Chan's list of injuries Thursday, Mar 30th, 2017 - 08:20PM
Can feel the pains just by reading it.

This list is by no means complete.

1975 Hand of Death

Been hit and lost consciousness

1978 Drunken Master

Eyebrow bone hurt, eye corner bloodied

1978 Snake In Eagle’s Shadow

Kicked and lost a teeth; arm injured by a sword with lost of blood

1980 Young Master

Nose bone broken; almost lost breath and died from a palm hit on the throat by a movie opponent

1982 Dragon Lord

Lower jaw hit

1983 Project A

Neck bone seriously injured; nose bone broken

1985 The Protector

Hand and finger bones hurt

1985 Police Story

The 6th to 8th section of the spine and the pelvis hit and shifted position, almost paralyzed

1986 Armour of God

Brain hemorrhage, skull near left ear sunk, broken bones inside skull - most deadly injury

1990 Armour of God II: Operation Condor

Breastbone cracked and shifted

1992 Police Story III: Supercop

Cheekbone hit and shifted

1993 City Hunter

Knee injured; right shoulder sprained and dislocated

1993 Crime Story

Sprain thigh

1994 Rumble In The Bronx

Foot bone cracked; toe bone pierced the skin and exposed

1995 Thunderbolt

Foot bone cracked

1996 Police Story IV: First Strike

Mouth cracked

1997 Mr. Nice Guy

Nose hurt while jumping down a bridge; Fell from height and hurt neck bone

1998 Who Am I

Left-side ribs hurt; ankle hurt

2001 Accidental Spy

Tail bone cartilage hurt and resulted in lower body temporarily paralyzed

2002 The Medallion

Face below eye hurt and bloodied

2006 Rob-B-Hood

Chest bone hit by a stuntman wearing wrong shoes with cartilage damage 


Courtesy of an anonymous post on Chinese forums

Translated and slightly expanded by: Anthropy

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