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Articles Jackie Chan Stay Over Night In His Car House With Beauties? Thursday, Mar 23rd, 2017 - 04:21PM
A wry speculation that is filled with detailed and supposedly real circumstantial evidence

Jackie Chan and Asuka going into the car in such suspicious ways, looking this way and that way, making what’s hidden appears clearly on the surface. (This is the original caption for the photo.)


After the Little Dragon Girl Incident, Jackie Chan said, ‘I have learnt to protect myself.  Even if there are young girls throwing themselves to me, I would refuse definitely.’

Talking the walk is one thing. Walking the talk is another thing.  Beauties still change like a turning wheel around the hot-out-of-oven Best Golden Rooster Actor.  Most attention-attracting incidents were the grape-feeding by Zhang Zhiyi and face-rubbing with Kim Hee-Seon.  After eating so much Chinese and Korean dishes, it is time to change to something less salty, like a Japanese dish.

Last Tuesday (13 December), Jackie Chan, Michael Wong (王敏德) and colleagues, totalling about ten plus people went to Jiandong (尖東) for dinner.  In the group, there was also Asuka Higuchi (口明日嘉), a Japanese female artist under his company.

It is usually very normal for bosses and their subordinates to have dinners together.  But Jackie Chan had shown great care towards Asuka.  After the dinner, he even personally chauffeured her, leaving the restaurant, but not to home.  Instead, they headed towards Jackie Chan’s personal car house in Fotan World-wide Industrial Centre (火炭環球工業中心).

Illegal driving to avoid paparazzi

Around 9 pm, last Tuesday (13 December), Jackie Chan, Michal Wong, Terence Yin (尹子維) and others left Jiandong Good Time Centre (尖東好時中心 – a literal translation) after their dinner. At that time, Jackie Chan was busily eating with the group, while appearing very contented.  Keeping a distance from him, Asuka seemed to be uncomfortable.  Using others as a shield, she hided herself within the crowds.

After saying some parting greetings, Jackie Chan saw others leave.  Then, he led her female assistant to his car, putting a bagful of take-aways in it. Then, the assistant left. After that, Jackie Chan threw an eye signal to Asuka, asking her to go in to the car.  At the same time, Jackie Chan’s assistant and his chauffeur kept looking around, trying to see whether there were media people around. 

Throughout the trip from Jiandong (尖東) to Fotan (火炭), Jackie Chan had been “very careful”.  From time to time, he would slow down, and he would even cut the double white lines to make a safety-risking illegal u-turn, so as not to be followed.  It seemed that the actions were at odds with his image as the Road Safety Image Ambassador.

Going into the car house in darkness

Even after reaching the Fotan Industrial Area, which is usually very deserted after mid-night, Jackie Chan still made a round, just to make sure that no one is following, before driving into the private car house, which is at the basement of World-wide Industrial Centre, which has two CCTVs (Close-circuit TVs) guarding the gate, ensuring high security.  After Jackie Chan and Asuka went into the car house, the light was not turned on.  The whole process of carrying the take-aways in the deep darkness was rather exciting.  After that, the two did not reappear even after the noon of the next day.

According to people who is familiar with the arrangement of the car house, it was originally the Japanese automobile parts-alteration office of HKS. The building was 3 storey high.  The basement could park about 20 cars when used in full capacity.  Now, it is his private car house.  In the second and third story, there are more than 10 rooms, including exhibition rooms, and meeting rooms, besides having 2 to 3 lounges for employees to rest.

New lady appeared  

Every time, when Jackie Chan goes to Fotan car house, he was especially very non-ostentatious. He had only himself, with no chauffeurs and no assistants. On that day, Jackie Chan left the dinner after 9pm.  He parked his black Evolution on the roadside.  Shortly, a lady in a silver Mini Cooper appeared.  She went into the private car house immediately after the two.

 On that day, the first floor of the car house had the light turned on for a while, but after the delivery made by JackieChan’s seven-people’s car, the light disappeared again.

 After about one hour, the lady, who drove the Mini Cooper, left by herself.  According to the records of the car license plate, the car is owned by a company, jointly-invested by Metro Radio DJ Zheng Qitai (鄭啟泰 - male)and Zhao Liyan (趙麗燕 - female).

 A car house would normally be a paradise for men who love cars.  But all the people that accompanied Jackie Chan in and out of his car house were women.  That is intriguing.

 Source: www.chinapress.com.my 23 December 2005

 Translated by: Anthropy


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