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JC-News - A Jackie Chan news source
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Articles - Your Jackie Chan resource Thursday, Mar 23rd, 2017 - 04:13PM

I am Jackie Chan oldest surviving website
In a look back at the oldest surving un-edited pages on the web the I Am Jackie Chan website from RandomHouse made the list dating all the way back to 1998.

Submitted on September 06, 2009 » Read more..

Look to the Stars Biography
“Before, I didn’t like charity. I just wanted to be famous and to earn more money,” says Chan. “My friends taught me and now I like to do charity. Even when I am sleeping, I think how I can help other people. Every human being has to learn how to do charity.”

Submitted on August 12, 2009 » Read more..

Chan on a mission
Hollwood Star Stunts Inactivity

Submitted on August 20, 2007 » Read more..

Hollywood doesn't do justice to Chan
By Chris Hicks of Deseret Morning News

Submitted on August 17, 2007 » Read more..

Interview: Jackie Chan for \Rush Hour 3\
By Paul Fischer

Submitted on August 10, 2007 » Read more..

Jackie Chan is Back on Patrol in Rush Hour 3
Jackie Chan Talks About Rush Hour 3 and Stunt Work

Submitted on August 07, 2007 » Read more..

Singing the praises of Jackie Chan
His best movies are out there — just rent them from your video store

Submitted on August 07, 2007 » Read more..

Jackie Chan's list of injuries
Can feel the pains just by reading it.

Submitted on April 12, 2006 » Read more..

Jackie Chan Stay Over Night In His Car House With Beauties?
A wry speculation that is filled with detailed and supposedly real circumstantial evidence

Submitted on December 30, 2005 » Read more..

Heroes of 20 Years of HK Box-office Jackie Chan And Stephen Chow Both Shine Through
4 out of 10 for JC

Submitted on December 07, 2005 » Read more..

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